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*Light the Night walk*

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk is a two-mile twilight walk that features participants carrying illuminated balloons to celebrate and commemorate lives touched by cancer. Cancer supporters carry red balloons, while cancer survivors carry white balloons. Together, they "light the night" and truly brighten the future for millions touched by cancer. There are two dates in which friends and family will be walking in memory of Drew.

*Saturday, September 29th at Penns Landing in Philadelphia, PA                 Please email if interested in attending this event.

*Saturday, October 6th at Camden 'River Shark' stadium in Camden, NJ         Drew's dear friend Kelly Pensiero would like to invite everyone to join her for this inspiring event. Kelly has written a beautiful letter about the bond shared between she and Drew and her determination to find a cure.

Dear Friends,

My friend, Drew, and I met after I finished my stem-cell transplant and returned to NJ. Drew had been through cancer before at the age of 16. We became fast friends. We were like soldiers; we didn't need to talk about it we just knew each other's pain. Drew and I remained close friends as we both enjoyed out healthy years in college. A few months after Drew graduated from St. Joe's University, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Just imagine what it must feel like to be diagnosed with cancer for the second time. It was a hard blow. But, Drew is the strongest person I know and was determined to fight and win. Drew put up an amazing fight but his body finally gave in to the brutality of cancer and its treatment. I have lost too many friends to cancer. My heart has broken too many times. Cancer keeps robbing me. But I refuse to let it break me. (Drew would be pissed). I will draw my strength from his example. I will be strong. I will keep laughing. I will keep loving. I will keep fighting. Please join me. Stop cancer from robbing so many parents of their children, brothers from their sisters, friends from their friends.

God Bless,                                                                                             Kelly                                                 

She asks for your generous support by mailing a check made out to Leukemia Lymphoma Society and mailing it to:                                                            Molly Pensiero                                                                                              433 Paul Drive                                                                                                 Moorestown, NJ 08057                                                                                    Or you may choose to give online at -click on search for participant and type in Molly Pensiero. This will bring you to the Kelly's Crusader's page. Sorry for the short notice, but if possible please try to donate by September 25th. Your support in the past has been truly amazing and any amount is greatly appreciated. Let's keep up the fight!!

Broad Street run and Team Drew Debut! Click here to see pictures!

Bright and early on Sunday, May 6th, Team Drew gathered at the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia to cheer on the runners, Maria Hooper, Courtney Legath and Jane Morley. This event was part of Maria’s training for the big marathon in June, which she is running to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in dedication of Drew. Since the race is in California, the Broad Street run was our chance to show Maria and the other runners the Team Drew support! The runners and the fans wore bright yellow “Round 2 Team Drew” t-shirts which were donated to us by Bill and Donna Clark, one of Drew’s former teachers. After the race everyone gathered at the Spinelli’s for a Sunday afternoon brunch. Thanks to the runners for their hard work and the Clarks for the great t-shirts! Good luck to Maria in California as she takes on the Rock and Roll Marathon!

** Please visit Maria’s website to learn more about this amazing challenge and how you can donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Thanks to all those who have already made a very generous contribution.

Beef and Beer

On April 26th, Drew’s wonderful friends, and especially Jay and the Coyle family planned a Beef and Beer fundraiser. Over 200 people came to the 25 Club in Maple Shade to eat delicious food (all made by generous volunteers), dance for hours and participate in a Chinese auction! After a long week of chemo, Drew was able to hang in there for a much needed night out with friends and family. It was a very successful and fun night that couldn’t have gone better! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put the event together. Drew really has some amazing friends who went to great lengths for this party!

Eagles Mohawk Party!

On Sunday, January 20th, shortly after Drew’s diagnosis, was the final Eagles game of the season. Since Drew wouldn’t be able to make it to a friend’s party, we brought the party to him! Drew has way too many friends and family to cram into a hospital room so, the wonderful people at Pennsylvania Hospital allowed us to use their auditorium to watch the game on the big screen. Everyone came dressed in Eagle’s gear to eat, win door prizes and enjoy the game with Drew. Drew prepared for the day by surprising everyone with a Mohawk, but Drew’s friends Chad, Jay and John were onto him and all showed up with Mohawks too! Channel 6 news heard about Drew’s private Eagles party and it showed up on the news the next morning!

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